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Take out

Hi, I would like to place an order for takeout please.

  • What are your specials for the day?

  • Can I order now, but pick up the food later on today?

  • How long will it take?

  • How much is my total bill?

  • Do you give a discount if I pay with cash?

 Restaurant Reservations

  • Can I make reservations for 8:00 for this Friday night?

  • Can I reserve a table for 12 people?

  • Can I reserve your restaurant for a party?

  • Is your restaurant wheelchair accessible?

  • Do you do home deliveries?



  • Can we have a table for 2 please?

  • Are there any booths available?

  • Is it possible to sit by a window?

  • Can we sit outside on the patio?

  • Could I see the menu please?

  • How long is the wait?

Questions for the Server

  • Could we get a high chair for my daughter please?

  • What is your broth made out of for the soup?

  • Is there any shellfish in this dish?

  • Could I have some sparkling water with lemon please?

  • Can I get this without wine?

  • What would you recommend?

  • Could I have my steak well done please?

  • Could I have the fish steamed instead of fried?

  • What would you recommend for a vegetarian?

  • Could we get the bill please?



  • Did you repeat back all the important information especially reservation information?  (dates - time- location)

  • Did you thank the other person for their help and information?


       Thank you for all your help.  Thank you for your assistance.  Thanks for everything.  I appreciate your help.

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